Lots & Lots of Happy

Today is Mail it Monday.  I’ve two cards that I made this week off to be mailed.

On a whim, I decided to post them mono to mono and let your imaginations go wild as to the colors I chose.

This first one (featured) is for a dear friend that LOVES coffee.  She would find lots and lots of happy in a big cup!  The bigger the better! She is most definitely a kindred spirit!


The second card is for a sweet blog friend who recently broke her wrist. Ouch! If you are reading, Arlene, take your medicine!!

And that is my Mail it Monday for today.


  1. Lovely card making and so different from one another… you obviously thought about each friend… They will be absolutely delighted by your kind efforts…. Thanks for sharing your talents.


  2. You’re just the sweetest, Gina, in sharing your pretty creations! I received one today, and I am most thrilled with mine. You’re such a dear soul. xx


  3. Hi Gina!

    Very luck ladies…your cards are keepsakes, they are so beautiful! If they aren’t smiling when they open the envelope, they will when they see these cards… ;0)

    Hugs and Love,


  4. Connie, thank you. I need to brush up on using my Impressions folders. I don’t know why I find those intimidating. Silly, I know.


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