This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Lilah Rose ~ Oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways…


You are gentle. You are loyal. You are steadfast. You are protective. You are adorable. You are a snuggler. You are silly. You are obedient… mostly. And you are naughty.


Eight out of nine ain’t isn’t so bad.


Oh how naughty you are. Let me count the ways…


Any food or drink within her reach, she will sample. Whether it be hot coffee or yogurt, she will wait until you are not looking and hop up and help herself. And she is fast. I have learned to not leave things where she can reach them except when I forget.


Any paper products within her reach, she will nibble. I was using the facilities one morning and heard the most peculiar noise. Upon exiting, I caught her ever so slowly and gently pulling a Kleenex out of the tissue box.


Anything fabric within her reach, she will gnaw on. Towels, quilts, blankets, socks… she is not a preferrer of fabrics. She likes them all.  Thankfully, she hasn’t partaken of the “good” stuff.


Lilah is almost eight months old.  Past the normal teething stage.  She is a chewer.  It is not from lack of toys that she chooses to chomp down on whatever is in sight.  In her defense, she is doing better than she was.


Walks are a bit of a problem.  She doesn’t pull on the leash/harness.  She escapes from them.  Her coat is very smooth and she’s a little escape artist and slips out at the drop of a hat.  Thankfully, she does come to me when I call and stay with me but I am nervous about the “one time” that she might not.  We are looking into other leash/harness alternatives.  As for most of her exercise, she does love running and playing in our wooded yard.


I could go on and on about the perils and praise of Lilah Rose all day but for now, I must go.  It is time to play.


  1. Hi Gina~

    First of all, I need to thank you for the beautiful card…I loved it, and I love you too!

    Lilah Rose is such a cute puppy! I can remember one sweet little puppy I had loved to chew the heals on my shoes. I was a legal secretary and had to dress up everyday, so I had lots of high heels…most of them with little teeth marks! I still have a rocking chair that she loved to chew on, all those little teeth marks remind me of how much I loved her. Isn’t it good that they grow out of it…sometimes. Give her a little squeeze for me, and an extra one for you dear friend… ;0)

    Hugs and Love,


  2. Oh my little stinker, my daughter is going through some of those stages with her dog, in fact I sent a check just before Christmas and she opened her card and laid the check on the table while she read my card and her dog ate it, she said well I thought the dog ate my homework was a saying but she says now she believes it, LOL! It is times of hearing that I wonder am I ready to take on a dog again.


  3. Barb, oh I love that story about the chewed shoes! What one will put up with for the love of a dear pet! I love you too! xo


  4. Arlene, thankfully, I am a fairly patient person. I know she doesn’t mean to be naughty. It is hard to stay mad at her with those big brown eyes looking so lovingly up at me.


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