Stray Threads

It has been almost a week since I have written. I thought I’d write a catch up post “Stray Threads” as it will be all bobbles and bits.


Thank you for the sweet valentines. I will thank you individually as well as a thank you here. I am blessed.


The valentines were particularly extra special as they have been one of the highlights of this rather out of sorts sort of week. I’ve had the flu (not sure if it is THE flu as I did not get tested) but a nasty bug regardless. It crept up on me Friday evening and continues to this day though my fever has gone down. I have secluded myself from the world as to not become patient zero in my little community. I’m not certain where I picked it up but I’ve only been across county lines in the last week or so.


Lilah Rose has been by my side without fail. I hope to write a post very soon dedicated to her titled “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”.


I have finished season one of Victoria and will start season two later this week. I am still and forever will be on Team Lord M. I know there are those that are on Team Albert and I think we can continue civil discussions regarding the two. I hope to start a series of posts/catagories on all things Masterpiece Theater.


I shall end this post for now and hope to visit once I am no longer quarantined. With much regards and love. Gina


  1. Oh my Gina I am so sorry to hear that you have come down with the flu, I know how much it takes out of you as we went through it during Christmas. Nice that you had some good tv to watch as you recovered. So nice that Lilah Rose has been by your side through all of this but sounds like she may have also gotten into things too.
    Hope you will soon be up to feeling your best again soon!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you are under the weather, Gina – I am there, too, although I know who I caught the bug from – my little grandson! I love my sweet valentine and you will see it in my newest post. Thank you for your dear thoughtfulness. I know it is heartbreaking about Lord M and the story of unrequited love is so bittersweet. I love how he stepped aside for her best interest. I do hope that Lilah Rose wasn’t too naughty. The title of your next post made me laugh…..I had to put my heart sachets in a safe place, as I caught Kai with one in his mouth and heading out the pet door. What can you do – they are so sweetly innocent. Sending you hugs and hope you are feeling better soon. xo Karen


  3. Oh Gina! I’m SO sorry to hear that you have had the flu! What a miserable dose it is this year! I do pray that you are feeling better quite soon! I’m glad that sweet Lilah Rose has been a comfort to you, but I wonder about that post… why we can’t have nice things, makes me think that since she is in the puppy stage still, things are quite uncertain from 3 feet above ground, ha! I got your sweet Valentine card in the mail today, and it is so beautiful! Thank you for thinking of me and sending me such love in the mail 🙂 Hugs and prayers that you feel better quite soon! 🙂


  4. Karen, I am so happy that you like your valentine. I will visit your home away from home very soon. I am out on the town this morning and it feels good! Oh dear, Kai could not help himself. Yes they are so innocent but look guilty when caught! 🙂


  5. Marilyn, thank you for your hugs and prayers! I am feeling much better and looking forward to the coming days. Your valentine graces my dining room table. xo


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