How Shall I Go On?

After hearing so much about the PBS series, Victoria, I decided to watch it. I watched the first episode and enjoyed it very much. I thought the costumes and scenery were beautiful. The storyline engaging. I loved William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne and decided that he is who Victoria should marry. I could not wait to find out if my hopes would come true. I researched Queen Victoria and I am so disappointed that she did not marry him but someone else.


Oh bother. I don’t know if I shall go on… to watch the rest of the episodes. My hopes have been dashed. What say ye that have seen the show?


  1. Oh, Gina, I know exactly how you feel – I felt the same way after that first episode….but you must continue on – the best is yet to be! xo Karen


  2. Karen, I watched the second episode and I still feel the same way. The other guy will have to be perfect to top Melbourne.


  3. Connie, did you remember from history is school or did you look it up right before watching? I’m glad I did look it up as I would have been devastated finding out later….


  4. We don’t have TV, so I can’t comment as to the PBS series, but it sounds quite delightful! I hope you continue to enjoy the series regardless 🙂 I love your new little spot here on the web, it is beautiful! Love your header and the new name of your blog! Blessings and hugs to you dear friend 🙂


  5. Marilyn, we don’t have cable or satellite but we watch the PBS app. I think it costs about $5 a month to access all their shows. So nice to see you visiting! xo


  6. Hi Gina!

    I haven’t watched it yet – I hear it’s fabulous! I love PBS, that’s my go to channel. I watch some Netfix, but generally, it’s PBS. I say just watch it and forget about reality!

    Hugs and much Love,


  7. I liked Lord Melbourne as well but I knew she would marry Albert as I am a big anglophile. The young woman who plays Victoria and the young man who plays Albert are a couple in real life. There is an interesting back story with Lord M. His wife left him to have an affair with one of the major poets of the day…the name escapes me right now..perhaps Byron??? Thank you for my Valentine. I love it.


  8. Oh Gina, keep on with Victoria! It is soooo good, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I look forward to seeing each new episode. I’m loving my special Valentine, my talented friend!! xxoo


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