Making Valentines

It is perfect valentine making weather. It is cold outside and warm inside by the fire. I have the time, the energy, and the vision. When you have all three going for you, it is time to create!


My card stock is measured, scored, and punched. My ribbon bits cut just he right length. My beautiful ceramic roses are gathered and ready to be adhered to the cards once the glue has dried. My valentine notes are mostly written and ready to be added as well.


Once the valentines are done, I’ll address the envelops, add the stamps, and head to the post office to mail them. A few of the valentines will be given out in person but most will be mailed.


I’m very happy with how they turned out. I finished my grandchildren’s valentines last week along with a special treat box I made them. I’ll post a photo soon. ♥


  1. Hi Gina!

    Welcome back sweet friend!! I’m so glad you decided to continue blogging…my world would just not be the same without you.

    I love that you send Valentines! Remember when we could buy the cutest little Valentines? I loved getting them in school, and treasured them for years!

    Hugs and Love,


  2. Barb, I do remember those valentines. I think I still have a few somewhere. It was always fun exchanging them in class.


  3. Connie, I have to work on my husband’s on the sly. I have a particular one in mind that I think he will like. 🙂


  4. You are so thoughtful, Gina! Your cards are going to be darling – love the little ceramic roses. I can tell you are a true romantic at heart……Hugs xo Karen


  5. I’m jumping back on this post to let you know I got my sweet Valentine card today! Thank you SO very much. I was feeling a bit low and this brightened my day. These really turned out beautifully! What a sweet friend you are! Valentine Hugs, Diane xox


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